I happen to share this same line of thinking, at least for the most part. I agree with the fact that building software products is satisfying and magical, I also agree with the fact that it is an art of creation. However, we differ in opinion on the phrase “it’s just typing code in your computer”,  and I have a feeling that if pressed, he too will admit that it’s far from that simple.

Every top software engineer I know has many soft and technical skills which make them stand out, but one trait I’ve noticed they all seem to share almost without fail is something I like to call the conceptual skill; which is the ability to see the bigger picture and imagine how various parts will come together to bring a software product to life.

Of course, that is just one skill, there are a host of other technical and soft skills beyond just code that make a great software engineer, but I’ve found that the ability to imagine the end before putting hands on the keyboard and typing away to be the most common denominator among the best.

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